Welcome to Kiteline-Cumbuco

**Sorry, the englisch version is still not complete, please have a look on the german part and make a traduction** Wind, wind wind … the wind is blowing, constantly for months, and 95% for sure -Kitesurf at its best. The tropical climate, the wind gurantee and the nice mixture of diferent local and closed by […]

Kite lessons

Within 10 hours we bring you on board – you are welcome to start your Kitesurf lessons at any time.


Is kitesurfing dangerous? I need to be strong? How many time I need to learn kitesurfing?

Kitesurf Spots

We take you to the best Kitesurf Spots in Cumbuco and surroundings.

Kiteparadise Cumbuco

Over the day cool moves and jumps – in the evening caipirinha as a must and dancing!

Wind and sun

28°C (82°F), eight hours of sunshine, gurantee for wind from June to January …


Our recomendations for jaunty kite holidays.